Twist Matic Lips

01 Creme Nude
02 Beige Pink
03 Coffee Latte
04 Peach
05 Cappuccino
06 Nougat
07 Soft Cacao
08 Dirty Pink
09 Hot Pink
10 Moulin Rouge
03 Coffee Latte (Apply 4 Pro prices)
04 Peach (Apply 4 Pro prices)
01 Creme Nude (Apply 4 Pro prices)
09 Hot Pink (Apply 4 Pro prices)
07 Soft Cacao (Apply 4 Pro prices)
08 Dirty Pink (Apply 4 Pro prices)
05 Cappuccino (Apply 4 Pro prices)
10 Moulin Rouge (Apply 4 Pro prices)
02 Beige Pink (Apply 4 Pro prices)
06 Nougat (Apply 4 Pro prices)

Get into the fun with colourful twistmatics! An automatic lipliner pencil with super soft, creamy and smooth consistency which guarantees smooth and precise makeup. Trendy, semi-transparent colours and formula which stays on your lips for many hours.

HOW TO USE: Apply on the lip contour and correct its shape, next finish the makeup by using lipstick and/or gloss.