About us

Pierre René is the business of beauty, setting a high standard in the world of make-up artistry.
We are 100% cruelty free!

A 30 year old cosmetic brand with over 300 cruelty free products to choose from. Pierre René eyeshadows are created using the highest quality mineral formula which guarantees lasting effect without irritation.

Pierre René is a family run business and was started by the father of the family, the business is now run by the Second Generation. Mr Henryk De Lubicz Szeliska created Pierre René after the fall of the Soviet Union because there was an obvious opportunity in the marketplace to supply high quality luxury cosmetics. Henryk designed Pierre René to give all women access to affordable professional cosmetics but packaged in a highly aspirational manner.

Pierre René set out to become very innovative in their delivery of cosmetic solutions for the modern woman. The range includes makeup that is: paraben free; silicon free, sensitive and nourishing. Pierre René have eye products suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. The range also includes face care products such as treatment ampoules, face masks and serums known as Pierre René ‘Medic’. Pierre René take enormous pride in the fact that their products are cosmeceutical in nature.

Pierre René are now the No.1 cosmetic brand in most Eastern European Countries, and are now expanding the business into Western Europe. As a way of raising brand awareness in the UK we are working with the ADcreativ hair and makeup team. We recently worked on the Miss England event 2015. Miss England is a Beauty contest searching for a talented, sporty, photogenic, charitable female who has modelling potential to represent the nation on a world stage, this is something that Pierre René identifies with. ADcreativ are providing all the styling for the Miss World competition being held in China exclusively using Pierre Rene. Another recent event exclusively using Pierre René was London Fashion week, the team worked in conjunction with designers Kolchagov Barba for their SS16 catwalk show ‘BLOSSOM’

Pierre Rene offers a new concept for Fitness & Beauty readers. A complete makeup solution for their customers. We supply a complete Beauty Bar which covers every aspect of makeup for a therapist. This covers every makeover possibility and allows the therapist to apply makeovers at an example price of £25 per makeover, only 10 makeovers a week will net you £250. The display holds over 200 professional work products which enables you to carry out every look desired from your client. This is backed up with a full retail offering when required. Free training is given with every Beauty Bar purchased. Call 0151 421 1234 for more information.

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