Pierre René


Matte Fluid Lipstick

01 Beige Suede
02 Warm Taupe
03 Lavender Valley
04 Purple Trouble
05 Charm of Provence
06 Secret Garden
07 Ruby Pink
08 Crimson Red
03 Lavender Valley (Apply 4 Pro prices)
02 Warm Taupe (Apply 4 Pro prices)
01 Beige Suede (Apply 4 Pro prices)
06 Secret Garden (Apply 4 Pro prices)
04 Purple Trouble (Apply 4 Pro prices)
07 Ruby Pink (Apply 4 Pro prices)
08 Crimson Red (Apply 4 Pro prices)
05 Charm of Provence (Apply 4 Pro prices)

Cream lipstick for intense, long-lasting colour with satin finish. The light formula is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, making the lips extremely moisturised and smooth without any viscosity. The convenient applicator in the form of a sponge makes the product evenly distributed, and intense colours will be a perfect complement to any make-up.

Application method: Apply lip contour, apply the optimum amount of product using the applicator.