KOBO Matte Lipstick

Saturated colors and lasting matte effect.

A lipstick that provides lips with a matte finish and full-color saturation. It is evenly applied and long-lasting. The combination of specially selected polymers and active ingredients allows the lips to maintain an adequate level of hydration, firmness, and smoothing. After application, bounce the lips with a tissue to fix the matte effect.

It contains a high concentration of pigments and filling microspheres to ensure deep, long-lasting shades that last long on the lips.

The formula is resistant to abrasion and smudging with a lot of nutrients and moisturizers that provide lips with proper care and protection.

It contains active substances that prevent chapping of the lips, such as:
- nourishing castor oil,
- shea butter,
- hydro moisturizing tree oil.

The formula is rich in KOBOGUARD® longlasting polymer with non-transfer properties that keep lipstick on the lips without transferring it to e.g. a glass.