N95 Carbon Activated Filter Mask 6 Layer Filter Respirator, Washable - Reusable


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N95 Activated carbon Mask 6 layer Filter Respirator N95 Protect Mouth Face Mask Protective Mascherine ffp2 Masque with CE FDA

1. The Magic is in the filter. Nothing gets past the active carbon filter that works as a barrier between you and the virus!

2. Every breath is filtered through 6 layers of filters, providing you with the cleanest air possible.

3. You will never be without protection if you wear this mask everywhere and don't worry about wearing it too much because the mask is washable! 

4. The mask is designed to fit snugly around the mouth so that no air gets in on the sides and its designed to fit all shapes and sizes!

Key Features:

1. Its lightweight, soft and comfortable.

2. Quick-drying and breathable

3. Prevents the mask from falling off

4. Prevents respiratory ailments and virus infections by ensuring that you do not breath in harmful particles and bacteria