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Wrath Quick Drying Brush Cleanse 500ml

Wrath Quick Drying Brush Cleanse 500ml

WRATH Brush Cleanse is a universal quick drying brush cleaner for synthetic or natural bristled make-up and special FX brushes.

Containing ingredients that will go heavy on removing the remnants of make-up, while being gentle on the bristles and structure of your brush. Effective at removing all types of products, including foundation, eye shadow, powder make-up, grease paints, alcohol activated paints and most light adhesives.

Super quick drying formula makes sure there is minimal down time between applications; taking literally seconds to be ready for your next application.

Free from colourants; meaning that your light coloured brushes will not be tinted by colour, and you can clearly see how much product is being removed from your brush.

Amazing cleaning & disinfecting power while leaving your brushes smelling fantastically fresh with the delightful sent of fresh lemons instead of unpleasant chemical odours of other brush cleaners.

High quality professional grade product. Suitable for professional use.

Directions for use: for cleansing in between applications; apply a small amount of WRATH Brush Cleanse to a tissue, cloth or sponge; then take your make-up brush in need of cleaning and swirl it in a circular motion on the area of the tissue. Repeat this procedure as many times needed until the brush shows no remaining pigment. Allow time to dry before continuing application.

For thorough monthly cleaning; follow the procedure as stated above. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water, reshape with your fingers and allow to thoroughly dry before storage.We do not recommend leaving your brushes to soak in WRATH Brush Cleanse.

Suitable for vegans. Paraben free and gentle on brushes.