Twist Matic Eyes

01 Nero
02 Magic Glitter
03 Sparkling Pink
04 Chameleon
05 Nude
06 Light Brown
07 Cobalt
08 Turquoise
04 Chameleon (Apply 4 Pro prices)
07 Cobalt (Apply 4 Pro prices)
01 Nero (Apply 4 Pro prices)
05 Nude (Apply 4 Pro prices)
06 Light Brown (Apply 4 Pro prices)
08 Turquoise (Apply 4 Pro prices)
03 Sparkling Pink (Apply 4 Pro prices)
02 Magic Glitter (Apply 4 Pro prices)
Start the party with twisted twist matics! An automatic eyeliner pencil which guarantees smooth and precise make-up. A delicate formula ensures pleasant and easy application. Fashionable, matte colours which last for hours. 

HOW TO USE: Apply on the upper and/or lower lid as close to the lash line as possible, smudge a bit, if needed.