Perfect Brow Trio

01 Be Like Gwen
02 Be Like Julia
03 Be Like Miley
01 Be Like Gwen (Apply 4 Pro prices)
02 Be Like Julia (Apply 4 Pro prices)
03 Be Like Miley (Apply 4 Pro prices)

All you need is PERFECT BROW TRIO! PERFECT BROW TRIO provides everything you need to perfectly style your eyebrows in one complete set. Powder eyeshadows in two ideally matched shades give your eyebrows a very natural look, while soft and delicate perfecting/setting wax helps to keep the perfect shape of your eyebrows. Set off the shape of your eyebrows!


Step 1 - Apply matching eyebrow powder using an applicator to fill in any empty spaces on the arches of your eyebrows.

Step 2 - Apply creamy eyebrow wax with a diagonal line brush to model and set the shape of your eyebrows.

Step 3 - Use a lightening eyeshadow just below the arches of your eyebrows.