Mouldlife FX Gelatine Nuggets

Mouldlife FX Gelatine Nuggets

Mouldlife FX Nuggets are re-mixed meltable Gelatine Block that are gently liquified in the microwave or with heat.

For the experimenting make-up artist, gelatine is an ideal medium for gaining invaluable understanding and technical skills for working with three-imensional prosthetic media.

By its very nature gelatine has certain inherent advantages not found in
Platsil Gel 10 or Foam Latex.

  • Economical - Geleatine is inexpensive which makes it ideal for experimention.


  • Reusable - Mouldlife FX Nuggets are reusable.


  • Timing - Geleatine setting time can be shortened by placing the mould(s) in the freezer.


  • Blending - Making the your prosthetic appear as natural as possible, with geleatine, the edges can be blended away with Witch Hazel.


  • Translucency - Geleatine enables it to move well on the actor.


  • Safety - all the ingredients used in geleatine formulas are either food or medical grades.