Frei Ol


Frei Ol Hydrolipid Day Care Hyaluron active 50ml


Vitalising Frei öl® HYDROLIPID Day Care Hyaluron Active

pads out the first signs of dryness wrinkles from the inside and smooths the skin by 18% with Hyaluron. It has an intense and long-lasting moisturising effect and lastingly improves the supply of moisture to the skin by 27%. The complexion looks radiantly fresh, smooth and retains its youthful appearance for longer. Also suitable as a base for make-up.
All ingredients are controlled in accordance with principles

Smoothing & Moisture

With its light texture, it smoothes the skin effectively by 18 % and increases its moisture by 27 % with Hyaluron.
Ideal as a base for make-up.