Frei Ol


Frei Ol Anti Age Hyaluron Lift Night Care 50ml


The rich Frei öl® ANTI AGE Night Care

The rich Frei Oil® ANTI AGE Night Care reduces the depth of wrinkles by 28%, tightens the chin contour line by 1.61 mm, regenerates, smoothes and improves the elasticity of the skin. It supports the metabolism and activates cell renewal overnight.

Reduces wrinkle depth tightens the chin contour line, regenerates the skin and improves its elasticity. It moisturizes the skin intensively and smoothes it with short-, medium- and long-chain pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the cream’s innovative prebiotic technology, the skin flora is regenerated, the balance of the skin’s natural barrier is maintained and also the signs of ageing are counteracted. This product is ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin. All ingredients are controlled in accordance with pharmaceutical principles.