Five Points Palette Eyeshadows

01 We Are Golden
02 Smokey
03 Old Rose
06 Carnival
09 Hot Brown Cold Heart
10 Fancy Peach
11 Feminine Flame
13 Go To Hell
14 Killing Me Softly
15 Consequences
16 Holy Grail
17 Welcome To Miami
18 Life Is Beach
19 Desert Storm
20 Cosmic Rehab
21 Guess Who

Give me a five! 5 shadows! 5 colours! 5 styles! A palette of eyeshadow which consists of five perfectly matching shades. Combine various colours and create subtle make-up for the day and intensive evening make-up. A wealth of effects within the same palette.

HOW TO USE: Apply with an applicator or a brush onto an eyeshadow base.

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