Pierre René


Chameleon Nails

Nominated for Best Hand & Nail Product at The National Beauty Awards 2018

Shining, iridescent dust used for decorating nails with the metallic effect. A simple treatment which will make your nails look beautiful and exceptional. You can be certain that nails with the metallic effect will not go unnoticed. 
An exceptional and shiny manicure like you have never had before!

How to use: Finish your hybrid manicure with a top coat layer that does not produce a dispersion, e.g. Dry Top Coat. Harden using a LED/UV lamp. Apply the dust with a finger or an eye-shadow applicator. Remove any excess dust using a brush. Secure the manicure with a Dry Top Coat layer and harden it using a lamp.While working on the stylization, remember to secure the free end of the nail.


Product is for professional use, is not applied directly to the natural nail plate, do not breathe, do not spray.




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