Pierre René


Compact Powder Professional

03 Transparent
05 Soft Beige
06 Natural Bronze
08 Misty Beige
09 Beach Brown
10 Day Dream
13 Bronzing Face
08 Misty Beige (Apply 4 Pro prices)
09 Beach Brown (Apply 4 Pro prices)
13 Bronzing Face (Apply 4 Pro prices)
10 Day Dream (Apply 4 Pro prices)
06 Natural Bronze (Apply 4 Pro prices)
03 Transparent (Apply 4 Pro prices)
05 Soft Beige (Apply 4 Pro prices)

Professional matte powder

Pressed powder perfectly fixes the foundation, evens out the skin tone and ensures an impeccable appearance all day long. The formula based on olive oil, jojoba oil and minerals guarantees the appropriate skin moisture levels, care, protection and a velvety finish of the make-up.

How to use: apply with a powder brush on the entire face to mattify and fix the make-up.

Dermatologically tested